Happy 11th Birthday Henry!

As much as you hate to admit it as a parent and as hard as you try to love all your children equally, there are always favorites in life…..even for Doggy Daycare owners.  It’s partly due to their unique personalities but the biggest reason is their faces.  Some just look up at you like a human and seem to speak volumes through those big eyes.

Henry standing upHenry walked in through our door with a certain swagger that announced he was a special guy.  He always came in slowly in a very dignified manner, and never was in a rush.  His owners were calm and it showed in his personality.  Just as with children, dogs are almost always a reflection of their parents personality.  If someone came into our place with a high-pitched voice and a nervous disposition, guess how their dog acted in playtime?  If the owner walked in calmly, then they acted the same way.  The first questions on the new customer evaluation form were all about the owner and their initial actions.  Where they calm? Where they holding the leash lose or tight? Were they scolding their dog in a loud anxious voice? How was their dog reacting to them?

Henry was always a staff favorite and nothing has changed in the year since we sold our business.  Many of our same staff still work at The Pooch, and they still adore him along with the new owners.  If all dogs could be like Henry, everyone would own a Doggy Daycare, but believe me, they don’t all act the same!  He has a younger brother, but we’ll keep those funny stories about Stanley for another day!

henry with monkeyHere is a funny quote that is perfect for this biscuit crazy dog.  “If you think dogs can’t count, try putting three dog biscuits in your pocket and then give him only two of them.” – Phil Pastoret

If we had ever tried that with Henry, he would have been IN our pocket at the count of three!

Happy Birthday Henry!


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