Mollie, Our Little Good Luck Charm

We found our Mollie (f/k/a Sissy) on the Internet while living in Edwards, Colorado about 13 years ago.  Just like everyone else, we had said “No More Dogs” after we had to euthanize our beloved dog of 17 years, then caved in and started looking for another companion within four months.  We drove three hours, encountering a huge buffalo running wild next to the narrow two lane highway across the mountains to Canon City, where this little black and white fluffy puppy was living at a shelter.

Mollie2014-08-02She came running out and our hearts melted the minute we saw her.  The shelter was getting ready to close but they wanted to make sure we really wanted her.  Who could resist that adorable little dog….whatever she was.  Advertised as a Border Collie, which she clearly was not, we had no clue what breed she was and didn’t care in the slightest.  We were just like most people are when they adopt a dog from the shelter, we just wanted one right at the moment.  Within 24 hours, she scratched the back of our bathroom door to shreds and barked non-stop until she won and was in bed between us, despite me swearing that no more dogs would sleep in our bed.

She was a little anxious as a puppy and continues to be the same even today.  But never has there been a sweeter dog, so gentle with the grandkids and never has she shown any aggression with a human being or another dog.  13 years later, she still acts like a puppy, especially when going for a walk or when she is on guard, watching over our yard and patio.

We quickly learned that we had adopted a Tibetan Terrier, descended from the most ancient of dog breeds who were considered good luck charms.  We had kept with tradition by not really buying her, since these dogs historically had always been given as gifts of good luck to other monks and travelers in Tibet thousands of years ago.  She has certainly been a wonderful dog all these years and she never destroyed another thing all of her life after the initial door episode.

Mollie has the funniest personality and is the most loyal little buddy you could ever find.  She stays up until the last person finally goes to bed, and she is always waiting to find a scrap of food that might have dropped on the floor.  Her funniest exploit is when she snuck a bare ear of corn from a plate and proceeded to hide the entire cob down her throat.  I’m not sure she even had a plan for it, she just didn’t want anyone else to have it!

Mollie GirlWe are so lucky to have Mollie in our lives, but another owner might have taken her right back to the shelter after the first night of trouble.  Take the time to read up a bit on dog behavior before heading to the shelter.  Over 35% of all adopted dogs are returned to the shelter, putting that dog at even a greater risk of being adopted again or even euthanized.  Look at your lifestyle and make sure the needs of the dog are a good match for both of you.  Dogs are a wonderful addition to your life, but be prepared for a sizable investment of money, time and love along the way.  We wouldn’t trade our Mollie Girl for anything!  She is our little good luck charm and we feel blessed to have her in our life.


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