The Princess Illy

IllyL12013-05-11There once was a Princess named Illy who ruled over her kingdom, far and wide.  Her white and gray coat was silky and soft and her cute little tail swooped up and over her back, like a little built in slide.  When she walked away from you, she always looked back as if to say, “Go ahead and admire my looks, I am a special princess that should be worshipped from afar.”

She was clever and smart and looked down upon her subjects when she held court at The Pooch.  She favored only a few and her demeanor was cool and aloof, anxiously waiting for the appearance of her Prince Charming Will.  Her world was full of silvery glittering stars in the sky with sweet music surrounding her, when at last the Prince would appear by her side and they would ride off into the sunset together in a horse drawn carriage.

Well actually, most of the story is true but we didn’t have any horse drawn carriages, just our dutiful staff that were always willing to carry a pup or two around the place.  All Illy wanted to do was spend her day with Will on his lap, getting his undivided attention.  I guess you could say that he was her faithful steed, as he carried her all through “the kingdom” in his arms.  While all dogs love attention, it was Love at First Sight for this sweet little Princess and her Prince.  She ignored all of the other dogs and staff, as if to say they were not worthy of her attention.  She just spent her time hoping for a day filled with special attention from the Prince.

Illy is a 10 pound Havanese and was the first one of her breed that we met.  As the years went by, we were lucky to meet many others such as an adorable pair called Roxie and Rufus and a playful little guy named Mojito.MojitoBandScamperSLV032013  First recognized by the AKC only 20 years ago, the Havanese is the national dog of Cuba and the country’s only native breed.  They are friendly, intelligent, playful and very smart.  Their needs are few and make a perfect dog for a busy family with young children, someone who wants a fun and faithful companion or for those folks who aren’t able to provide much exercise.  They shed very little and most are very quiet little guys.  The only time that Princess Illy was vocal is when her Prince Charming was ready to scoop her up in his arms.  Then you could hear her from near to far, the Kingdom ringing with the sound of a distinctive high-pitched bark that could peel paint off the walls.

Over the years we had a few more princesses grace us with their presence, but Illy remained the most unique little miss we ever met.  She was meticulously clean, very quiet in her kennel during rest times and would only sleep in her little “castle” that always came along for her visits with us. She was one of the most reserved and polite little dogs we every met, but she did let her silly side show once in awhile.

One special day, she set aside her regal behavior and when she thought no one was looking, she showed her daring, wild side. We had moved her favorite little house with a slide next to one of our small pooch pools.  We had just installed a new camera called the “Snout Cam”, only three feet off the ground and right in front of the little play house.  She slowly looked around and no one was watching, except for me on the new camera!  She slowly slid down the slide and right into the little pool.  She quickly jumped out, shook herself off and sauntered regally past the other dogs, just as if nothing had ever happened.  It never happened again.  A Princess must never be wild and crazy in front of her subjects.

The Princess Illy is still a little charmer and we miss that sassy saunter of hers, looking over her shoulder saying, “What’s not to revere about my adorable little face?”


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