Puppy Boot Camp, Day 2

IMG_0333What a difference a few days make when you are working with a professional dog trainer. We had worked with Ana Melara,owner of Grace Dog Training and Obedience in Denver, for years when we owned Playful Pooch.  She provided staff training to the professional group that we belonged to, Colorado Association of Dog Daycares and to our staff as well. Her training was designed to help the dog daycare staff members learn to watch for potential problems during group play and how to avoid injuries. If you need a great trainer, contact Ana here! ana@gracedog.com

Ana had read my story about our Puppy Boot Camp and asked if she could join us in our endeavors. I was happy that she was following this blog and relieved that she wanted to help us.  After spending only 40 minutes on the phone with her, we were armed with everything we needed to get things under control.

I quickly went to Amazon, where I buy all our dog supplies for much less than at the big box stores or the boutique pet stores.  I ordered a plastic exercise pen that can be expanded as times goes by, and more of those yummy Wellness Bites for positive reinforcement to be used outside only.   She suggested a product called Unique Pet Stain and Odor Remover Unique Natural Products 206 Pet Odor and Stain Eliminator to completely eliminate any trace of waste from our floors.  We bought a gallon of it because this potty training is hard work, but you can buy smaller bottles. The important thing is to buy the concentrate as the formula is 1-10 mixed with water. Use plenty and get rid of your old pet stains. If they smell it, they will come!

We have followed her instructions every minute of the day and night.  They are walked separately outside and praised repeatedly with those yummy treats.  Guess what?  No more barking and pulling on the leash.  They do their business quickly and get lots of tiny treats, but they don’t get any of them inside.  We keep them in very small confined areas only if we are with them, otherwise they are in their crates.

The results? Not one accident in two days!  Glory Hallelujah! A shout out to Ana for her help with our pups.  We had made the mistake of allowing them a much too big of an area to play in, “the big, bad, wild world,” according to Ana and we needed to keep them close at hand, just like you would treat a toddler.  We forgot that they are babies and need our guidance.

We’ll keep you posted and share more of Ana’s great ideas during our Puppy Boot Camp.


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