The Tale of Two Dogs

29157084 - a running cartoon dog pulls its owner on a leash.I was outside yesterday morning about 5:30 enjoying the cool morning and the cooing doves nearby and all of a sudden there was this awful screech of dogs barking non-stop from right across the street. Our neighbor was walking outside with his two small Havanese dogs and they were pulling on their leashes and barking their heads off before they had even left the house.

He looked ashamed and said, “They will bark like this all the way up the street because they might see a dog in a block or two.” Might? They were reacting in anticipation of seeing dogs, not actually meeting one or two. All I could think about was what Ana Melara, our dog trainer, had told me the day before.

Don’t walk two dogs together who are feeding off of each other. They are trying to “one-up” the other one and it leads to aggressiveness and barking and total craziness! It may take a few minutes longer to walk them separately, but it will be a much calmer and controlled walk and you won’t wake up the doves…..or your neighbors!



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