Puppy Boot Camp, Day 4

Hhimg_0358Wow! It’s really working.  I guess there is a reason that you call in the pros when you are trying to train two puppies at the same time. For those of you that haven’t been following along, you can read the first of this series at Puppy Boot Camp.

We have followed Ana Melara’s recommendations closely, running the pups outside separately, rewarding them with lots of praise and treats as soon as their tushy hits the ground.  No treats are given inside at all, only when they have done their business outside.

We are keeping them in very confined areas where we supervise them every minute. If we are distracted or busy, they are kept in their kennels. We even ordered a small exercise pen that we move around depending on where we are.  You can see it in the picture next to Roxie.

They have not had one accident since we started this new regimen and they love going outside all the time. The funny thing is that Will noticed that when Oscar starts biting his hand, it’s time to go outside.  They have been trying to tell us when they needed to go outside, but they were given too much freedom and they just went off and pottied somewhere in secret. Roxie is much calmer in the smaller, cozy areas.  That big bad wild space in the new larger home overwhelmed her and she would go crazy, running around snapping at Oscar’s bewildered face, peeing every five minutes.

It’s hard work but it’s really paying off.  See, you really can teach an old dog like us a few new tricks.


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